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Saturday, July 19, 2014


I have never been a guy who gets a massage to relax even though anxiety and depression have been my lifelong companions. Too uptight I guess.
Well, like a few other things I have RE-discovered in my old age (critics would call it flip-flopped on) , it turns out I was wrong about massage therapy NOT being a useful tool to combat the ravages of age.
My pal Jerry Merrill Franks has trained and worked as a massage therapist for hundreds of hours but this week he received his OFFICIAL State of California License as a massage therapist.
I agreed to be Jerry's first client as a licensed massage therapist and he proved to be a master at finding--and soothing--my problem areas.  Those include my hands and lower legs which have had progressive numbness and tingling for many years from the diabetic complications of limb neuropathy which is now a rampant condition among baby boomers like me.
Jerry has learned how to use many forms of massage such as deep tissue, sports, geriatric and more to work on each client's unique issues.
For me, Jerry's two hour massage lowered my blood pressure, greatly improved my blood circulation and left me feeling one million percent less stressed.
This post is my unqualified endorsement of Jerry Merrill Franks as a Highly Qualified Licensed Massage Therapist. I urge you to check him out at his website JerryFranks.com or contact him at jerryfranks86@gmail.com.

YES, it IS a bitch getting old!

As I close in on my 65th birthday on September 13, I take some solace knowing I am not yet too old to change my mind!

...and the beat goes on...warnworld@aol.com

Friday, July 18, 2014

RIP Roxie (1999-2014)

Facebook.com/chuckwarn for all the nice comments about Roxie if you care to check it out. I will try post a link.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Monday morning meeting: #TopTen

*warnworld new business
*Roxie's final days
*schedule meds x4wks
*meal planning x2
*move my body
*detroit tigers
*mlb all-stars

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Roxie's death bed...

Roxie is lying on the floor next to me in my office with her midsection on her left side wrapped with an ace bandage holding a triple thick folded paper towel to contain her blood oozing tumor from dripping wherever she goes. She is getting up and walking with ever increasing difficulty and her final days takes me back to other times my dogs and cats faced the same death march with me as their overseer. Every time one of my beloved family members, my eyes fill with tears for days and my heartache lingers for days. The accumulated grief hanging upon my heart from all those deaths weight my soul down into the netherworld of uncertain afterlife and regret.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2014 Detroit Tigers

My Detroit Tigers have won three straight American League Central Division Championships. Tonight, they are losing their season long hold on first place to the young toughs from Kansas City called the Royals. It is a long season and my Tigers will be back! #gotigers